Friendly Staff, Nice Amenities

Fruitridge Villa has worked out very well for my mother-in-law. A friendly staff, nice amenities, and a reasonable cost have all made a positive difference in her life.

G. Merc

An Inviting Home That’s Just the Right Size…

I recently visited this wonderful assisted living facility and was quite impressed with what they had to offer.

The front entrance to the home was very inviting with its large patio, lush lawns and garden areas and huge shade trees.

Inside the home, I found clean and comfortable common areas for residents to relax, socialize or watch television. In addition to nicely appointed bedrooms, were clean, freshly remodeled bathrooms and state of the art bathing areas. The dining area and kitchen areas were also just beautifully remodeled.

I really liked the size of this home. Not too small and not too big. Really feels like a home.

The staff was very friendly and was able to answer all of the questions I had.

Another outstanding attribute that Fruitridge Villa had that I could appreciate was its outstanding location! Just off highway 99 south, go a couple of blocks and you are right there.

Overall, a really nice place where you can feel that your family member will be comfortable and cared for.

Bruce Desmond Jr.
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